Tegiwa M3 Cup 2016 season so far


Brian would share the car on its first outing, just doing qualifying and the opening race. The set up proved not to be ideal with more understeer than Brian would have liked, however he qualified the car on pole. Being on grippy tyres and similar spec cars the times of the front three were extremely close.

“It’s good to know we can be competitive with a completely standard engine. Times are really close which is really good. Will have to play with setup more now we have seen how other cars are handling”

Brian would finish 2nd in the opening race after being passed into turn one off the lights. A great opening meeting and a result. But the team are used to winning.

Full race report can be found here: http://www.motorsportdays.com/2016/04/race-report-tegiwa-m3-cup-2016-01-donington-park/


Brands would be the track of choice for round two. Once more testing times were extremely tight. Two names were appearing up front all the time though; Brian Chandler and Adam Sheppard (Civic champion 2015). Brian or Adam didn’t get pole though and would line up 2nd and 3rd in race one.

The first race saw an epic few opening laps as Brian and Adam took to the front and battled it out for top spot. Brian took the lead before the midpoint of the race and eked a nice gap to the chequered flag.

Race two would see the duo line up together and again have the same epic battle at the beginning with the same outcome.

“That’s a great result, Adam is a respected champion in Civics. We had two great races. I hope it looked good to the spectators. These cars are heavier and a bit harder to go two or three cars abreast than I am used to, so I was worried the series wouldn’t have the same type of racing. Those races proved otherwise.”

Full race report can be found here https://www.facebook.com/m3cupuk/posts/267993403535613:0

Brian and the team had to sit out the next two rounds at Croft and Snetterton as the rounds clashed with the MX5 Championship where still run cars. Adam Sheppard was still the man on top, but a new name of Carl Shield was now showing true pace and keeping Adam honest in Brian’s absence.


With Brian sitting out the previous two rounds the boys were on the back foot with setup especially dry running. It seemed Adam and Carl had found a sweet spot in testing that the BC Cars Motorsport team where yet to find, although in qualifying Brian pulled out all the stops and went on pole.

Race one was wet. This was the first time Brian had used the car in the wet so set up was an absolute guess. A great start by Adam would see him take the lead. It was looking like another epic Brands Hatch race. Brian took the lead on lap two and never looked back, ending the race over 10 seconds in the lead.

“The cars are actually good fun in the wet. Nice and controllable as the back steps out. Its quite nice having a roof and heater so I don’t get wet as well. Perhaps we need rain everywhere for the rest of the season”

Race two would be completely dry. Brian led off pole for the first 4 laps but had Adam and Carl breathing down his neck. Slight contact between Brian and Carl would see Adam take the lead, one which Brian couldn’t get back. Brian finished 2nd

“That was a bit risky. I got a tap from behind at 100 mph. I thought my car was going into the barrier… an ok result in the end, I just hate finishing 2nd. We still have to find some dry pace. It’s only a couple of tenths. We will have to work harder.”