Driver Profile – Bruce Robinson

Last but not least on our list of drivers for 2020 is Bruce Robinson racing in the Mk1 Championship as No.90.


Bruce is embarking on his third season of racing.

The Mazda racing all started from a wish to race at Classic Le Mans in 2020. Bruce needed an International C licence and needed the quickest and cheapest way to get there.

Prior to joining the Team he had done two sprints, two hill climbs and some sand racing in Jersey. He had been a “track day hero” and has loads of silly cars so thought how hard can it be?

However nothing prepared him for the competitiveness, quality of driving and the team mates! From hiring a car it soon became owning a car, to then doing two full seasons. He says “I will never have the talent of the front runners but it‘s very humbling seeing how rubbish you actually are!”.

Last Season

His high point of last season was getting into the A group for the first time at Oulton Park.

His low point was crashing and totalling the car at Brands Hatch in the first weekend. In fact is was the 2nd corner of the 1st race of the season and he had no car left!!! Looking back he says “I should have done a left turn and taken my team mate Ashley out onto the grass!!”

This Season

Bruces ambition this year is to get into the As again and maybe finish in the top 5 of the Bs. We’d definitely like to see some Group B Silverware and Podiums this year Bruce!

Favourite Track

His favourite track is Oulton Park. Every bend wants to kill you!

Race Number

90 is a reminder of the time when Bruce and his wife Andrea were down on their luck. He’d been made redundant from the building industry because of the recession. He had to find a job to pay the 19% interest rate on the mortgage so became a despatch rider in London. His call sign was D90. He was knocked off the bike 3 times in a year and lucky to still be alive! However they came through all that so the number keeps it real.