Wow …. What a hectic start to the racing season. 2015 sees the busiest year to date for the boys at BC Cars Motorsport. Running 10 cars over 2 racing championships is certainly a lot of work.

The season didn’t start off great for the boss. Brian’s MX5 engine of 2 hard fast seasons finally called it a day, unfortunately right at the start of the racing season. Lack of funds and paying for a new engine build has meant Brian has had to walk away from the 750mc 5club championship – The series he won last year ….Instead concentrating on the BRSCC mx5 championship where he feels he has some unsettled business. He raced last year mainly to help his friend James Blake Baldwin…This year he is going for wins.

With a few new to racing drivers in the team it has been busy showing drivers the ropes, lines and set up and making sure they are all comfortable and happy in their cars.

“It’s great to see them smiling and buzzing as they climb out of the car” says Brian.

“All the drivers have had a great start to the season. The new and the seasoned have all kept their cars undamaged of a race weekend, resulting in max seat time over the course of a weekend and you can see they are benefiting. Every one is getting quicker and quicker and higher up their grids, that makes us proud as a team, we want the drivers to have good results and smiles.”

The Team look forward to continuing support for the rest of the season.