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Track Day Tuition With ARDS Instructor Brian Chandler

Track day tuition is the most cost effective way to decrease your track day lap times. For the price of a set of tyres, you can gain knowledge that would take years of track days to accumulate. Track day tuition benefits your driving at all circuits, not just where the training takes place.

Brian Chandler is a regularly competing and winning race driver, instructor and mechanic who can teach you practical racing and circuit knowledge. Brian offers track day tuition to anyone driving at any of the UK's racing circuits including Silverstone, Snetterton, Donington Park and Brands Hatch, either in your own car or you can hire a track car from BC Cars Motorsport for the day.

What will a track day instructor teach me?

Whether you are a track day novice looking to learn basic techniques or an experienced racing driver looking to improve your lap times, coaching will vastly improve your driving and understanding of your car. There are many techniques Brian can teach you to be a safer, smoother, more confident, more consistent and faster driver on your track day, including:

  • On track position and racing lines
  • Oversteer & understeer - how to control and make use of them
  • Trail braking - understanding when and how to use it
  • Heel & toe - use it to drive more smoothly and to protect your track day car
  • Weight transfer and balance - understand how it affects handling and grip

What should I expect from track day tuition?

The format of a days race or track day tuition will involve siting laps to familiarise yourself with the circuit. Your first on track session will be an assessment of your current driving capabilities and the rest of the track day will consist of a series of 15-20 minute driving sessions followed by a debrief with objectives set for the next session.

Data logging using V-Box will aid you and your instructor to understand where improvements can be and are being made throughout your track day.

Track Day Tuition Prices

In your own car
from £150 per day
Inc. hire of a car
from £400 per day
Group rates available
Call 01440 709985 for more information
Brian Chandler, track day instructor and race driver

ARDS Instructor Brian Chandler achieves regular podium finishes

Track day instruction will vastly improve your driving and understanding of your car

Track day instruction will vastly improve your driving and understanding of your car